The main purpose of this web site is to share my interest in photography, art and various other things. I am a keen amateur photographer and member of the Formby Photo Group. My sister Barbara and her husband Ben Holgate, also feature in this web site. Ben a well known Lancastrian artist, now living in France has examples of his work here. Examples of Barbara's sculptures, which have sold world wide, are also shown. I have also included some samples of my elder brother Brian's work, who is a member of a Warrington art group. My other sister Liz also demonstrated her talents as a sculptor, when she produced delicate tree like sculptures with doves all in ceramic. They were much sort after; demand outstripping production.

I retired from teaching in 1994 because of asthma and stress and took an interest in computers in the days of Windows 3.1 when the system had more crashes than a stock car race. It took my mind off my asthma, however, and I started to link my photography with my PC. I was soon scanning my negatives and slides and editing them in Photoshop 4. I always developed my own slides and negs; no special room needed just a developing tank, changing bag and a few chemicals purchased in kit form. Recently I managed to save up for a DSLR, so the chemicals, flasks and tank are gathering dust in the garage. I must mention Formby Photo Group which has seen a rise in membership over the past few years. We are a club that willingly share ideas. See the 'Links' page.

Ben Holgate has worked as a professional artist for over thirty five years and his work has been successfully exhibited in galleries throughout this country and abroad. Original examples are today in the collections of many famous people in public life including members of the Royal Household. He was commissioned to design and carry out the Nativity setting in St. Georges Chapel, Windsor Castle. Ben has given me permission to display prints of his paintings on this website. Ben married my sister Barbara in 1959, when I was sixteen and doing my O-level GCE's. Barbara's sculptures of children at play became so popular that people sent her photographs of their children to work from. Barbara's sculptures always sold quickly in the galleries.